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Saturday, November 21, 2009

KL So Far

The journey was what you would expect for a long haul flight other than it was not full and I managed to relocate to one of the empty back two-seat rows and attempt to get some sleep. The food on KLM is getting worse - I think they ran out of the chicken before they even got to our section and the veggie option was not a success. One plate of rubbery pasta, one small bowl of rice and a pudding. Actually, the pudding was fine but as I hadn't eaten all day I was still really hungry. The cabin steward brought me some more peanuts! The 'economy class purser' didn't put on any pretence at breakfast - 'There is no choice - omelette' was the announcement.

Exiting the airport was trouble free and I got an airport taxi to the hotel - it is worth paying a little more to avoid the hassle of train/taxi when you are really tired. When I got to the hotel my room wasn't ready but the girl gave me a voucher for a free soft drink and by the time I had finished so had room service.

The room is nice and a good size, the hotel well situated. I can see the KL tower and the Petronas Twin Towers from outside the lobby but not from my room. Although I have free internet access as part of my package it is not wifi in the rooms so I am having to sit at the desk rather than lounging about in the armchair with foot rest...

Henry phoned shortly after I gained access and came round a little later to take me to eat and a quick drink. I thought I would have no trouble sleeping as I could hardly keep my eyes open, but no. Really tired but I just could not get to sleep. Up at 2 and had a cigarette and cleared my cardbox. Up at 3 - earplugs in. I don't know when I actually did drop off but I woke around 9.30 and thought I had better get up.

Peter Kougi had arranged to come to the hotel at 11 for a few games. We had just started when Henry arrived. Scores on the doors: Peter v Helen score draw 1-1, Henry v Peter away win 0-1, Henry v Helen away win 0-1. We then went and ate, followed by a tour of the money exchanges comparing rates. It is certainly better changing your money in the city than at the airport and the hotel rate is atrocious.

Cleared the cardbox again after everyone left.

Around 8 pm decided to venture out on my own. Almost wimped out at a KFC but told myself I was being stupid. There are just so many places to eat that I had just walked past at a fraction of the cost if I was brave enough. So another plate of noodles - beef this time and a soft drink for under 10 RM and the money I saved has been invested in a small jar of Nescafe (more than my meal cost) and coffee mate. I also bought some fruit and some biscuits for breakfast.

We are off to some Mattel publicity event tomorrow. Apparently at a Starbucks somewhere in the suburbs. Woohoo. Even more coffee :)

Well, back to work...

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