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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KL - The End Cometh

Woohoo! I slept well, waking at 7 a.m. and then falling back asleep for another four hours. Got up and made myself a cup of coffee and tested out the brain cells - cardbox cleared in just under an hour.

Henry arrived just gone two but no Howard. Henry went to park the car and two minutes later I saw Howard walking towards the hotel lobby. Back to the car and off to the bus station to organise tomorrow's journey. I hadn't realised that Henry was also going to come with us tomorrow - three tickets purchased for the 11.45 tomorrow morning.

Back to the hotel to dump bags and go eat. Then back to hotel where we chatted and then Howard beat Henry at a game while I continued studying.

I am now left to my own devices until we meet up here again tomorrow morning at 11 and then go and catch the coach to JB. I will wander out later to eat and pick up some provisions for the coach tomorrow.

I may splash out on a hotel breakfast tomorrow - and must remember to organise a wake up call just in case I try to sleep for as long as I did last night...

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