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Friday, November 13, 2009

Cardbox 47082

Six days until I go.

I am now on a regime of
1) clear anagrams cardbox
2) clear hooks and anagrams cardbox
3) add in next set to hooks and anagrams cardbox
4) clear anagrams cardbox
5) revise high probability 7s and 8s, 500 of each a day
6) add any interesting hooks of the 8s into the hooks cardbox
7) clear anagrams cardbox
8) clear hooks cardbox
9) add in a random small set of bonus words to anagrams cardbox
10) clear anagrams cardbox

I lost a good couple of hours today. I thought I had it all under control and was congratulating myself that I had achieved 1 and 2, taken the dogs for their walk and fed them and it still wasn't quite 11 a.m. And then I remembered that I had a dental hygienist appointment at 11.20 and ran out of the house in a panic. Back on track in the afternoon. And then the concentration escaped totally when Margaret's dogs started their incessant barking. After three quarters of an hour I had had enough and went around to complain...

Still, I made it through to step 10, adding in all the 7 letter words that end [aeiou]g. And some quite nice ones in that bunch to boot, but not as interesting as yesterday's 8s with 2 Us only as vowels...


Anonymous said...

Well seen that you are a product of suburbia. Country life would be fine if it were not for the disturbance of the natives !!

Hels said...

The natives aren't the problem - it is the yappy little Australian terriers that drive us all crazy, including Margaret when she is at home.

Anonymous said...

Why not take them to your local Chineese restaurant ? J.M.

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