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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Week In The Life...

As I sit here writing this entry the builders are break through our wall from the utility room...

Thursday it snowed. Four inches in the morning. Paul cancelled his bridge in the evening. I was a little worried about getting to Edinburgh on the Saturday but no more fell and it started to melt the following day. Luckily the temperature went up so we were not faced with ice.

So the weekend was the Scottish Masters. A journalist from Scotland on Sunday was with us the whole of Saturday. Also a photographer for most of the morning. He got us all to pose with our names on our racks amongst other things. I imagine a page of mugshots may be in the offing.

Well, on to the scrabble. What can I say. Better than last year but for me still a bit of a disaster. Third with a 7-4 record. Of my losses I made one major error and one game was unwinnable. Back to the drawing board. I have decided to make a small effort on ING(S) although it is an almost impossible task. Not risking (JEERING)S against Wilma cost me the game - I thought at the time I could still win not risking it even if she did. That proved to be untrue, losing by 4 points. Against Allan I had played FRORE. It was clear that he did not know that it took an N as he played GNOW elsewhere when it would have scored 44 on the opening. I was hanging on to my N waiting to pounce. Coming up to the endgame with 7 in the bag I played ENVIES to take a 50+ lead. A good pickup should see me home even if he bonused. I didn't get it and lost by 5. Anyway, congratulations to Allan who went on to win with only one loss.

The river broke its banks on Monday but was still quite a way off its heights of last September.

I got out into the garden for the first time this year yesterday - temperature in double figures - luxury. Just tidying up. Completed the raised bed at the top of the drive, the trellis bed, half the long bank and the area at the bottom of the drive so we can now see the snowdrops there. Hands are tingling from the occasional nettle, nails ripped and legs are stiffening up. Played bridge in the evening so a little behind with my cardbox today.

Extension update will follow...

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