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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snowdrops Are Us

Townmouse may have beaten me to the first snowdrop of the year but I have volume :)

Spurred on by another mild day on Thursday I was back out in the garden, this time clearing the high bank. Three hours later and the snowdrops are no longer hidden by the autumn debris.

The snowdrops in LB1 have clumped up well. They look particularly beautiful next to the pink winter heather.

Also spotted the first crocuses in flower in LB2. Spring is just around the corner. You can almost hear the bulbs bursting through the ground.

The winter aconites that David gave me have survived despite my neglecting them for over a year. I hope they like their home at the back of the sheds and increase.

The last time I looked at the weather forecast Tuesday looks like the next 'gardening weather' day.

Coming up next: prune the fruit bushes, divide/transplant snowdrops from the bottom of the drive to LB4 and the trellis bed bank. Another nine years, allowing for the extension of the long bank, before I have snowdrops all the way along it...

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I take it you saw the article in Scotland on Sunday. I have quey on

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