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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Extension Part 29

No go on Monday and Tuesday, which was no surprise given the weather, but the plasterers were back on Wednesday and working in the sun room.

The sample of pebble-dashed render that I had spotted at the weekend was for the utility room. It was not what I had expected. On Thursday they brought some other samples which were different colours and more what I had imagined. We had a look at a couple and picked a colour that matched well with the stone. We have asked for an estimate of the costs of the two different types.

A problem has occurred with the utility room - there is a damp area where it is attached to the outside wall. This is very noticeable from the outside. The plasterers are on hold until this is sorted. Alan came round on Friday with some sample copes for the walls and we got him to look at it. The problem is that where the house was joined to the old barn there is essentially a flat roof, and with all the snow/rain we have had there is water lying. This has then drained down the wall and seeped through the wall of the utility room. There is no problem inside the house as the existing walls are so thick. I always wanted to 'tidy' up that area but it would be very expensive - scaffolding/removing/re-laying tiles. We have been given another option of having some sort of lining laid at a fraction of the cost and this is what we are going with.

Thomas was also here first thing Friday morning and we now have a door frame in the utility room.

My laundry pulley arrived on Monday :)

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