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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scrabble Travel

The announcement of the WSC came through this week. 26th - 29th November in JB. Two days off and then the Causeway Challenge... a veritable Scrabblefest. Started planning - maybe fly to KL and spend a few days there to get over the jetlag before going on to JB.

Paul sorted out my King's Cup schedule today. I had emailed Gerry re staying with him yesterday but had had no reply. He was online today and said 'Great - stay as long as you like but I may be going to the Penang Open'. So a little rearrangement and flights booked. I am now going a few days earlier - a couple of days at Gerry's, then off to Penang, and then back to Gerry's for the King's Cup.

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Henry Yeo said...

okay.....looks like we should move the epicenter of Scrabble to SEA and keep it there so that everyone would know where to go every year.

PS: hhhmmmm.....that should give you about 12 chances to humiliate me in the middle of the year.

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