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Thursday, February 07, 2008

UK Open 2008 - The End

This is probably not worth the wait as there were only four games on the last day, and I forgot to photograph the first two...

Game 35: Theresa Camelleri
No photo. A close game all the way, but I did enough for a small win.
W: 436-420

Game 36: Mike Whiteoak
Ditto above
W: 424-397

Game 37: Paul Allan
I bonused first on move 5 with POWTERS, immediately seeing the slightly safer PROWEST/FILETS after I had hit my clock. Luckily for me Paul could not use the spot, playing JUS for 40 which allowed me to dump VIBE for 50 and a healthy lead. I outscored Paul on the next few moves to extend that, so when Paul bonused with pARATOI(D) he just caught me back up. I pulled back ahead with XU and bonused the following move with RiGHTEN to seal the win.
W: 465-388

Game 38: Craig Beevers
If I won this game I would finish in the prizes.
Craig opened with JILTS, I replied with (L)EZ from a vowel heavy rack. (J)ANTY from Craig, and I dumped EAU. Craig's consonant dump of CRW(T)H far outscored mine. PU(C)E from me, QIS from Craig. (Q)UEEN from me, and my rack had now swung to consonant heavy. Craig played WI(N), and holding DDGNOST I decided on DONG for 28. I was hit immediately with ERI(G)EROn. I haven't simmed it, but it still feels like the right play to me. Craig bonused again on move 9 with OBTeNDS and I replied with ATRESIA. I picked GRANOLA out of the bag, but unsurprisingly Craig took off the triple spot. I was pleased to see LARGAN(D)O and was now a bonus+ behind. However, Craig then delivered the killer punch of ANTILIF(E)...
L: 367-530

So, 3-1 for the last day and finished in 8th place. Congrats to Nigel who swept all before him.

Tourney record: 20.5-16.5 excluding the bye, and a rating of 185. Not a total disaster, despite my ABSP rating dropping to 189 as I was also losing some good results. My next set of games to drop are bad, so fingers crossed for a good Scottish Masters in just over a week's time to get back into the 190s.

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