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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spot The Difference

Poncho has been very frustrated at not being allowed to go on walks - with the padding and pain killer he has forgotten that he has two broken toes. He just gets taken out to the garden to do what must be done. This is a bit of a palaver as we need to wrap his bandaged paw in a plastic bag to keep his dressing clean and dry.

In his bounciness after being taken out at 8 p.m. last night he managed to step on the plastic bag and before we knew it there was the bag with bandage fully intact inside - he had managed to pull his paw completely free.

So I phoned the vet's emergency number. As Poncho seemed okay - lying down licking his paw - we were advised to wait until the morning unless he was in obvious distress. Back to the vet's first thing this morning. Luckily the toes were looking a lot better and the vet was able to re-bandage it without having to sedate him. We are back to red bandage...

Jen, often not the keenest dog to go for walks especially if it is very cold or there are bangs, has decided that she does not want to go far on her solo walks. She digs her paws in and other than dragging her there is not much you can do about it when she is in that mood.

Life would have been much easier if it had been Jen with the broken toes...

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Anonymous said...

One deft strike with a hammer could arrange that! J.

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