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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Fame?

I drove over to Allan's on Saturday as Border News wanted to do a piece on us and Scrabble. They were late arriving, but once there filmed for about two and a half hours! It will be interesting how many minutes are actually aired.

Allan took the starring role, talking through the books, equipment, top scrabble tips etc. Next they filmed a short interview with me. Then they got Allan and I to play a game, which I won playing out with BEATS (not a setup, honest) that they made me play again with a smirk. Finally they wanted a cheesy bit with Allan spotting a difficult bonus word and the interviewer then missing an obvious bonus word and smugly playing a crap move. It may be aired on the 22nd...

On Wednesday we continued our third best-of-25 match. I won the first two games to complete a stunning comeback from 9-6 down to win the match 13-10. When I got home I had an email from the Sunday Post regarding a feature as it is the Scottish Masters this weekend. I phoned the number given and gave a telephone interview. A photographer has just left. It was quite amusing when I brought through a few of my trophies, including the Scottish Open Championship that was sponsored by The Scotsman. It may be in this Sunday's paper...

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