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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Knees Hurt

The sun was shining and although it was a bit blowy it was quite warm, so back out into the garden today. The tulips had opened up again, after joining me in a day off yesterday.

I started with digging along the wall at LB9 with a trowel. I couldn't find the best way of doing this. Sitting was difficult as I was sideways on, kneeling was okay but the path is hard with odd stones sticking up and squatting kills my legs. In the end I kept swapping between all three. I think I am going to have a lot of bruises on my knees by tomorrow. Stones seem to accumulate along the edge of the wall, and using the fork just doesn't get them out. Four more bucket loads of stones removed but it did look a lot better for it.

Penny arrived just before I had finished and got to work continuing along LB8 with the fork and then taking over trowel duty when she had reached the end. I hope her knees are faring better than mine.

I then used some of the larger stones to edge the new bed along the wall. Now I just needed to fill it with more soil. Back to digging over the garden side, loading washing up bowl with a couple of spadefuls, remove the stones and load at the back. Penny departed with about four loads to go.

A quick ciggie break and then I continued de-stoning the garden side of the path. I ended the day by getting another stepping stone in place.

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Mac n' Janet said...

My knees always hurt, even though my husband bought me a kneeler. But then my knees always find something to complain about.

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