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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can You Dig It

Working on the top of the long bank extension is a very fluid process. You just know what feels right as you work your way along. So this morning it seemed the thing to do was to dig over a mound of stony soil in LB11, remove the stones and then relocate a good load of it up to the top. By lunchtime I had finished LB11 as far as landscaping is concerned. Oh Happy Day. To christen it I transplanted two of the heucheras from LB12 to the now raised soil level in front of the wall.

Paul was playing bridge so I had to have a break to take the dogs out and feed them. A cup of coffee on the patio and then a slow meander around with my camera. I am quite amazed by how few plants I have lost - almost everything has survived except for the bedding dianthuses and the small fuchsias. The large fuchsia looked dead, but closer examination has shown new growth coming from the bottom.

Back to work on LB10 trying to work out where the path wanted to be. Penny arrived with chocolate brownies...

A lot more stone removal. I am no longer keeping track of how many times I am having to negotiate my way down to empty the bucket over the road. And more soil digging over and relocation. Penny left around 5.30 again. I spent about another hour forking back over the area along the wall before calling it a day. I hate to tempt fate but I seem to be progressing a lot faster than anticipated.

Last task was to cover my raised planters as there is a risk of a frost tonight.

I have a day off tomorrow. Probably for the best as I am feeling very stiff tonight. Going to Edinburgh to play my round 2 BEST match against Neil Scott. Just hope it is worth foregoing another good gardening weather day...

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