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Saturday, January 23, 2010

What the Hell Was It Called?

A colleague gave me a copy of a game years ago in the days of floppy discs.

I had lost the copy and completely forgotten what it was called.

Paul denied remembering it at all despite the fact that we used to play it when we got home from work, being extremely competitive at trying to race through the levels as quickly as possible.

Every now and again I try to find it with a google search. But it is difficult when you can't remember its name. Was it classed as a maze game or a puzzle game? And the sheer volume of hits you get with searches such as 'puzzle maze game'...

But this morning I tried again. This time I tried something like puzzle game windows 1990s and there it was.

Chip's Challenge.

Not only that but you can download it for free.

No more scrabble study. We are both back to addicted competitiveness...

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