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Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Again

Woohoo! Mega delivery of M&S sale shopping arrived today!

After I had ordered the clothes at twixmas I had spotted a couple of lamps that I liked for the sunroom. Unfortunately I had not been able to add them to my existing order and would have to pay another P&P charge so had decided to leave them. However, on return from Coventry last week I noticed that there was a 20% sale on M&S lighting and my lamps were included. Result! More than made up for the delivery charges.

I checked the status of my original order - it was now almost 2 weeks late in delivery and saw that it had been loaded on to an HND truck this morning, as had the lamps. An hour later and the doorbell rings...

Lamps have now been assembled and homed.

Clothes have been tried on and all fit. I am now blinding Paul with my shocking pink fleece. I am very pleased with the Zandra Rhodes jump suit which I had bought on a whim, expecting it to be returned as being too long but as long as I wear heels it will be fine. And the ZR dress is great, the pre-sale cost of it was a tenner more than I paid for all of the M&S clothes together - two fleeces, a shirt, the dress, jump suit and Paul's two pairs of trousers.

Still waiting for my last pair of 'fuchsia' legwarmers, which may put the fleece in the shade.

Tables are due to be delivered on Monday afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to open the gates by then to get them in via the back garden.

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