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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Extension Part 33

Well, where do I start.

Allan, Mark and Norman (previously known as A.N.Other) were here on Monday continuing with the paving. They were rapidly getting to the point where they could do no more until the utility room and wall around the path up there had been plastered.

What do you call it when you have your builders, plasterers and joiners on site at the same time? Answer: A miracle. It was rush-hour here on Tuesday!

Not only that but David and helper were also here to fit the railings and gates. It took them the whole day, and I think they look absolutely stunning. They have transformed the look of the whole garden area/walls.

Alan and Mark have started laying the copes underneath/around the railings/posts. The top of the steps up to the veggie patch and the base of the oil tank platform have been paved.

The plasterers started on the utility room and the inside garden walls. They were back today and have started applying the K-rend. It looks very dark at the moment but should become paler when it dries out to match better with the sun room. There is a small area just above the window that does seem to be more the colour we chose.

The utility room and lounge-sun room doors have been fitted. We have picked the required skirting boards - sticking with the same style as the lounge. The ceiling has been finished.

Wally was here yesterday doing all things electrical. We now have power sockets.

The roofers were here yesterday/today fitting the cherry on top of the sun room. Rather them than me - it was pretty cold and windy. I have to admit that I was expecting it to be flush rather than a lollipop.

We collected a few more tile samples from Pearsons and also had a trip to Gala this afternoon to look at some more.

I have also been doing my Blue Peter utility room interior design. Scaled drawing of the room and paper cut outs of freezer, washing machine, laundry pulley and sink unit. We have already determined that it will be better to have an upright freezer rather than a chest freezer and have gone for the smallest sink/drainer in the catalogue. One base unit under the sink, worktop continuing from sink to the wall and one wall unit above the so far unknown sized boiler that we are assuming will fit in its allotted space. So far no units on the other side of the room. We may just put up shelving. I have started making a list of things that should live in there, but Paul doesn't see the need for any more cupboards. Washing powder etc can live under the sink, dog food tins can live in the wall unit. I would still quite like a broom cupboard...

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Based on your photos, construction's coming along pretty well. Good luck!

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