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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Extension Part 32

The sandstone paving was delivered on Monday morning.

On Thursday Alan, Mark and A.N.Other started on the patio. We were called out to say if we were happy with the proposed layout before it was set in concrete - or cement to be more accurate. Mainly grey with an occasional yellow just to break it up. Looked good to us.

Work continued on Friday on the paving around the back. Just hope the levels are correct and it meets in the middle :)

David phoned to let us know the railings and posts have been (re-)treated and are back with him to finish off.

When I called in on Penny earlier in the week she was determined to try to track down Scott the tiler for me. He was found working on a house just off the main square. The recession has not hit his workload and he is unlikely to be able to fit us in the near future, but he recommended the tiler from Opus at Swinton. However, I got some advice from him re tiles/skirting boards and he told us that Pearsons is now doing tiles - ask for Kevin and say Scott sent us.

We went down there on Friday. Pearsons also appears to be thriving - just opened a new shop area and still in a bit of disarray. Kevin cleared a load of stuff to get to the tile samples - I think they are still waiting for a lot more to come in. We picked a couple of maybes and then another four from the catalogues - Kevin phoned the company and hopefully samples will arrive next week. We declined the marble tiles at just under £120 per square metre - I have done a rough estimate and reckon about 30 square metres for the sunroom and corridor...

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