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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okay, so it hasn't been as bad as some other parts of the U.K., but I am getting bored with it now.

The river is impressively high for the time of year. It looks like chocolate, with the rain having stirred up a lot of mud.

I fought my way down to have a closer look this afternoon. The 'undergrowth' is now quite high and was still drenched from the earlier rain, which meant so were my jeans up past my knees by the time I got back to the road.

We sometimes walk the dogs down here, under the bridge and along the bank on the other side. However, I gave up today still some distance from the bridge.

I haven't managed to work in the garden for quite a while now. A lot of the plants are looking bedraggled, drooping under the weight of the water. The first few roses in bloom have had their flowers battered into submission. The weeds are taking full advantage, and it is going to take quite a few days to get them back under control. At least I have managed to catch up on my cardbox quiz backlog, and have added more fives into the fray.

I have a couple more new mammals to report sightings of.

On the late night 'walk' last night we were dragged into the corner at the start of the high bank by the dogs. Jen then let out a loud yelp and leapt backwards, and Paul pulled Poncho away. Our first hedgehog, curled up at the bottom of the clematis. Luckily no harm was done - it was gone in the morning.

Today, when driving in to Duns, I think I spotted a red squirrel. It was certainly the right colour and had a squirrel-like tail, although I only got a short glimpse of it before it disappeared under a hedge into the woodland.


Anonymous said...

Now that you are on this diet I can sympathize with you in seeing the river as molten chocolate.

Anonymous said...

heared the river flooded half way up your drive 5 years ago, lets hope it dos't do the same again

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