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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Diet - End of Week 1

I got on the scales a week ago and got a nasty shock. The diet started that day.

My weight has been creeping up slowly ever since we got here, even though I am probably fitter than I have been for many years. Every now and then I had a half-hearted attempt to get it back under control, but before I knew it I was back to snacking on biscuits, crisps and other such crap. This is a problem with being at home all day - the larder is readily accessible.

I had a brief attempt at the start of the new year, but it is twice as hard when the weather is cold and it soon fizzled out. This time I intend to stick to it - even though sod's law means it has turned unseasonably cold again.

I have set myself the first target to lose at least 12 pounds in time for my second cousin Christine's wedding at the end of July. This should be very doable, averaging a pound and a half a week. When I set my mind to something I can be very determined, even obsessive. I currently have the equivalent zeal of a religious convert or a reformed smoker...

I still do not have breakfast, lunch consists of a bowl of muesli and fresh fruit, and dinner varies. I have had no snacks.

Paul decided that he needed to go on a diet too when we had been out food shopping last week. So far I have not noticed quite how this is happening for him - his diet appears to be eating his own food and mine. When I queried this I was told that he was helping me out by eating all the non-diet food that was in the house as quickly as possible to get it out of the way!

End of week 1: lost 4 pounds
There is always a boost at the start of a diet.


Anonymous said...

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Rodrigo said...

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Henry Yeo said...

that's your diet?

I better clean out your fridge before Paul does.

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