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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Views of Bangalore

I was surprised to come across St. Marks Cathedral fairly close to where I was staying

Sleeping dogs - street dogs are apparently a major problem in Bangalore. The paper said that there is currently a programme to round them up and neuter them...

Like most cities in Asia that I have been to there are motorbikes and scooters everywhere you go

I loved this traffic sign

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colin said...

Hello Helen, I hope that you enjoyed yourself in Bangalore. I have just been looking at the photographs and catching up with your previous bloggs. As we British say "It is not the winning, but the taking part." As in this instance you were playing as a "Scot" we do not expect to do well in any type of competition and stumble at the minnows and often upset the giants.So it is back to the cave to get inspiration from the spider.
Hope to visit in the near future.

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