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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Garden report 2007 - 2

There were a few snowdrops in flower in the high bank when I got back from Bangalore, but more have been coming through every day. I think they should be at their peak in another couple of weeks. I really need to get back up there to tidy up the remains of the autumn debris so that we can see them at their best, but it is far too cold at the moment.

The hellebore that I inherited is giving a good display. I brought up quite a few seedlings from my garden in Sandhurst. One of the larger ones is getting ready to flower, but the others have not matured enough yet. Hopefully next year...

The heathers I planted in the long bank are also in flower.

The few winter aconites Janet gave me have come through, but it looks as if something has been nibbling them as there is only one flower left. There are a few buds lying forlornly on the ground.

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