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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Off to Bangalore

I am beginning to get excited now.

My friend Radhika has booked me a cottage in the Bowring Institute. This is a 'club' located in downtown Bangalore which also offers accommodation and has a swimming pool. I am not quite sure what my cottage comprises. I am hoping it at least means that I have a sitting room as well as bedroom and bathroom, as it costs about half as much again as a single room - not that it is expensive, I calculate it at about 26 pounds a night. A few other scrabble players will also be staying there, although I don't think they arrive until nearer the tournament. Certainly Gerry and Pakorn from Thailand do not arrive until the night before.

I started packing my clothes yesterday. In the morning I got out what I wanted to take. In the afternoon I decided I had better check that what I wanted to take still fitted. I have put weight on since moving up here, and am currently about half a stone heavy than I was and just under a stone heavier than I would like. Luckily my diet before Christmas meant that I ended up lighter than I started. Anyway, I tell myself it can't be all fat as everything I got out of the cupboards is now packed in my baggage.

In the pocket at one end of my bag is the medical pack. I can be very allergic to insect bites, so two different insect repellents, anti-histamine tablets and two different creams for if I get got. Sticking plasters for any blisters. Paracetamol for any headaches and general pains. Omega-3 fish oil capsules to aid concentration during the tourney. We had nothing in the house for stomach complaints. The pocket at the other end has my scrabble necessities - tile trackers, score pad, rack and red pens.

The next step was the great 'charge up' - camera, phone, walkman and Sony Clie. I have found my electric plug adapter thingummy, so hopefully I will be able to keep them charged whilst I am away. My hand luggage is going to be a mass of wires with all the different chargers. I am also intending to take my laptop so that I can revise some lists in between sight seeing. I have also sorted through all the mini discs for my walkman, getting the right discs into the right boxes and decided which ones to take.

This afternoon I did the on-line check-in for my flights so hopefully all I need to do at the airport is the luggage drop off and security checks. I have got window seats for both the flight down to Heathrow and on to Bangalore.

Just need to get an early night tonight...


colin said...

Wishing you all the best in Bangalore. Don't forget the DiaFix or similar. Will drop in once you are out of quarantine on your return.

Reg said...

We are urgently waiting to hear of progress in Bangalore....hope it is good.

Jean Mole said...

Come on Helen, we are all eagerly awaiting your results, get your blog up to date. best wishes, Jean Mole

Paul said...

After day one (8 games)

1. Pakorn 7 wins +779 Margin
2. Udayan 7 wins +719
3. Sherwin 6 wins +810
4. Helen Gipson 6 wins +632

Paul said...

After day 2 - 17 matches

1 Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) 13 wins 1377 spread
2 Helen Gipson (SCO) 13 995
3 Akshay Bhandarkar IND) 12 846
4 Suresh Chinniah (SRI) 12 543
5 Irfan Siddiqui (IND) 12 351
6 Sherwin Rodriques (IND) 11 955

Anonymous said...

How does your garden grow!

Paul said...

Apparently Hels had a poor last day and finished 13th.

Anonymous said...

Pride comes before a fall

Anonymous said...

It looks like you just made it as a guest to the last supper

Anonymous said...

Better luck next time. You seem to have done better than the English cricket team. What was your Female rating O/A ? I cant see any reason why a female to-date has never been a world champion as there should be no difference in ability at such a recreation. Unless the majority of females have less free time and money to permit competition on a level playing field. Look at the time you could have spent swatting if you had spent less time in the garden.

reg said...

Even if the scrabble was not as good as we hoped, I have just had the rosehip/apple jelly for tea and it gets 100%.

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