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Saturday, January 08, 2011


Two pairs of leg warmers and four hats done and the quick fix of chunky wool and large needles has worn off. Time to get back to another jumper which I can start and then put down for another year or three before finishing it.

I had been doodling with various pattern ideas on some knitting graph paper when a light bulb moment occurred. Spreadsheets! Absolutely perfect for creating knitting patterns. The cells can be scaled to match the tension. And more colours than I could ever use.

The above is my first attempt and I have started knitting it.

But I am choosing my colours as I go along to use up odd balls in various shades of blues, pinks and purples. And I don't think the squiggly pattern section will work in double knitting - the detail won't show up well enough, more of a chunky pattern so that bit will be changed...

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