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Monday, May 17, 2010

Malta Adventures

I have an extra day in Malta courtesy of the ash cloud. 7.15 flight finally cancelled at 9.30 this morning. Geoff kindly phoned Air Malta for me and I am now booked on tomorrow's flight so another early morning. Will try to get an early night tonight as very little sleep last night due to late night with Tess/Geoff taking people to airport and my cold has really taken hold now. Luckily I have now had time to get to a chemist...

So briefly on to the scrabble.

The European Open was held on the 8-11 May. I played and picked reasonably well and was alternating with Nigel for the lead in the early stages before Nigel pulled away. On the last day I was the only player who could overtake him so was paired against him in rounds 28 and 29, which I lost. This had given Harshan a chance to overtake me, being one win behind me with three to play and a better spread than me. I beat him in round 30 but Harshan would still overtake me if he beat me in the last two. Luckily I also won the next game by 11 and so was guaranteed 2nd place overall. I was very pleased with my spot of LOvE(V)INE, the only playable bonus in this game. In the end Harshan lost his last game to Joanne Craig who overtook him for 3rd place.

A couple of days off for sight seeing. On the Wednesday Theresa had organised a free harbour cruise for those who wanted it. On the Thursday three carloads of us and Theresa/Geoff's dogs went to Gozo for the day. A very pleasant way to spend a day before getting back down to business with the Malta International Scrabble Open that started the following afternoon.

I started reasonably winning 4 of the 5 played on the Friday but managed to pick up Theresa's cold bug so got little sleep overnight. A bad day on the Saturday, only winning 6 out of 10 so could not really afford to lose any games on the Sunday. Unfortunately this was not to be. Jared (who eventually finished 5th) did a wipeout job on me in the first game of the day. I was not only going to finish outside the prizes but was in danger of being neither the top Scot nor the top placed woman after I also lost to Jojo Delia in round 18. A strong finish, however, saw me claw back into 7th place and save my dignity :) For a refreshing change Nigel was beaten into third place by the surprise winner Mohammad Sulaiman from Pakistan and Craig Beevers in second place.

I must say a huge thankyou to Theresa and Geoff who (along with the dogs) have made me feel so welcome. I have even been upgraded to the en-suite spare room for my enforced extra night's stay now that Karen has left. Maybe I will also be honoured with Smudge (cross between a Dalmation and unknown other parentage) sleeping on the bed tonight.

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