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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Late Spring Cleaning

We have visitors coming for the Jim Clark rally, so it could not be put off any longer. I hate housework...

Just the bare minimum to make the house look respectable.

A tidy up of the sitting room - got around to relocating all the leaflets and junk mail to the recycling bag. Now the surfaces could be cleared for a quick dusting. Paul is in charge of the vacuuming...

Then a kitchen blitz while Paul was out buying up enough food to feed an army. All the washing up done, dried and put away. All surfaces washed. Miscellaneous objects that find their way in there relocated to more suitable places, cupboards and drawers.

Luckily the sunroom is fairly minimal - just needed a very quick tidy up. All my gardening books and brochures in one neat pile.

I even had a go in the utility room. Although the casual observer may not believe this.

The house will quickly revert to its normal state of untidy chaos from now until our next guests come in July. But the garden will look great :)

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