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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Leek and Potato Soup

Reg had brought us a couple of pounds of leeks when he came on Wednesday. I also still have quite a lot of potatoes from the veggie patch stored in a sack inside our defunct freezer. So I googled a recipe for leek and potato soup - and there were a lot to choose from. In the end I did my own simplified variation.

1 lb leeks
1 onion
1 lb potatoes
2 pints Chicken stock - I used Knorr chicken stock pot as recommended by Diana
2 ounces butter (I used slightly more as I had the remains of a pack and didn't think it worth saving half an ounce, but you could taste the butter. The least you can get away with the better.)

Gently heat the butter in a large saucepan (I actually used my jam pan)
Finely chop the leeks and onion and soften in the butter (about 15 minutes by the time I had done the next step with the occasional stir)
Prepare the potatoes - most recipes said to dice the potatoes and then either mash or blitz the soup at the end. Delia's recipe used mashed potato to start with! I actually grated them being the rebel that I am - much less hassle.
Add the potatoes and stock to the pan
Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes
Season as required with salt and pepper

Most recipes said to add cream or milk, but this is unnecessary. Better not to if you are freezing the soup - add to individual bowls if wanted.

This makes enough for 4 people - we both had a good sized bowl of it for tea last night, I have filled and frozen a 600 ml container, and there is just about enough left for me to have a small bowl for lunch...

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