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Friday, February 05, 2010

Another Action Packed Week

A week has gone by and most of the snow has departed from the lawn. But we still have thick ice on the drive - my narrow path has been well used.

Saturday watched Williams beat Henin. What a difference in physique...

Sunday saw Murray return to being Scottish.

Monday Paul came back via fixing Colin's computer.

Tuesday nipped into Duns to get and post birthday cards. My Aunty Margaret reached the ripe old age of 90 this week.

On Wednesday it was the first round of the Border Clubs knock-out (bridge). This is a handicap event with aggregate scoring played in people's homes. We (Reg, Malcolm, Paul and I) were defending the title. Reg picked us up about 12.30 and we drove on to near Melrose. We had a difficult task, giving away 2750 points over a 24 board match. The first 12 boards were pretty flat, and we only managed to pull pack about 1400 on the last 12. Oh well, that's that over with for the year but they did provide a nice tea.

Ros has asked Penny and me to play in the league for Berwick next Wednesday. A practice bidding session has been organised for tonight. I found an email from Paul this morning sent to us both asking us what certain bids meant...

Yesterday morning a man from Servico came to fix the drawer of the coffee table. It looks absolutely fine now. I also pointed out a small crack in the wood and a mark on the top of the table which he has also fixed. I am now a happy bunny.

Was very pleased to see two deer on the dog walk after moaning to Paul that I hadn't seen any yet this year. Even more pleased that the dogs didn't.

I have almost got Chip's Challenge out of my system. I have skipped a few levels - don't like the ones where you have to bounce around on ice mazes where it all looks the same. Even following a solution took almost all the time allowance. Level 141 though kept me failing for over a day before I gave up - I may yet go back to it. There should have been a warning for it - my left arrow key button came off with excessive use!

Almost 2 weeks now with no studying. It is the Scottish Masters in just over a week's time...

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