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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We did indeed get home from a pleasant evening at the bridge club Christmas party with plenty of time to spare to watch the Imagine documentary on BBC1 last night. Despite several more inches of snow falling whilst we were there.

So enough time to take the dogs out, make a cup of coffee and settle down on the sofa in eager anticipation/mild dread.

On the whole it was quite a good program.

Too much was made of 'our' not knowing what the words mean. Come on - we have to learn so many words that are completely useless for everyday life. And we don't pick them - lexicographers do. It is not our fault if they decide ZA is a word, no matter how stupid we think their decision is. Hmm, I can play XU for 52 points but I think that is an abomination by the lexicographers so I refuse to play it. I don't think so!

How many sheep/cow/horse (delete as appropriate) diseases, fish, coins, plants etc. can the average person in the street define? And if we started using these words in conversation we would be considered even more weird by the great unwashed than they already do! On the word meanings test I did one better than a certain Mr. Yentob - the words to be defined were on the whole everyday words that a reasonably well educated person would know.

Do people make fun of snooker players who cannot explain dynamics? No - all that matters is that they can pot the balls!

But on the whole a positive program. And I am not cringing with embarrassment...

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