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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Is Coming...

Having been away for three weeks I have thankfully missed a large amount of the commercial hype and endless assault. That is not to say that there was none in Malaysia. Christmas 'arrived' in the hotel a week or so before I left, and the malls were also bedecked and playing Christmas songs. In my final Starbucks mall there was even a Malaysian version of a Santa's winter wonderland with a music and dancing extravaganza of some sort starting up as we left...

Back to the sanity of home in the rural backwaters. Paul had managed to freecycle our no longer working fibre optic tree and purchased a new one, still undecorated when I got home. I have now adorned it with a few baubles and some tinsel. After cleaning the sitting room we now have a few decorations in place.

We have ordered a goose for Christmas day and a ham for Boxing day from the butcher in Duns. Yesterday Paul braved the supermarkets armed with the shopping list after dropping me off in Berwick to sort out his Christmas stocking.

It is the bridge club's Christmas party tonight. Reg has assured us we will be home in time to watch the Imagine documentary (don't know if that is good or not. Am I going to be portrayed as one of the nerds, as described in the Radio Times?), although we will also be recording it for MIL and FIL who are due to arrive tomorrow. That is assuming that MIL's arm/shoulder are fit enough for the journey after a fall - not in the snow but as we are told, most accidents happen in the home.

But it certainly looks as if we will be having a white Christmas - even if we have no more snow the temperature is not enough to melt what is already here.

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