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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kill The Wabbit

Elmer Fudd would be apoplectic.

We have been overrun with bunnies this year.

There are several living in the long bank, and they are quite happy sitting grazing on our lawn until we open the door. Even then they are fairly lazy in their hopping away to safety. The dogs seem quite happy to watch them and then rush over to where they were last seen to sniff and look for them, tails wagging and ears up.

However, it is another matter when they are seen elsewhere...

There was a rabbit in LB12 on the lunchtime walk last week.

The dogs wanted to play with it.

It ran panic-stricken along the bottom of the wall towards the house.

I managed to stop Jen devastating the planted section giving chase but allowed her to drag me up LB9 in pursuit.

The rabbit was scuttling around the pots in front of the house and then darted around the corner to the new patio.

I managed to pull Jen indoors.

I went back out.

It had settled on 'hiding' in the corner between the house and the corridor to the sunroom. It was clearly unwell - it did not move when I approached it. It probably had myxomatosis - the eye that I could see was rather yucky. Apparently the weather we have had in what we laughingly call summer - wet, warm and humid - means that there is an increased risk as the insects that carry the disease are thriving.

Now what to do. I suggested Paul go out and kill it. He suggested that I did the job. We decided on the wimpy course of leave it and see if it went away.

It was still there several hours later.

And then it wasn't.

Squashed rabbit spotted on the road directly opposite where it had been on the 7 pm walk.

We have been overrun with bunnies this year
Bunnies have been runover this year...


Anonymous said...

Now you that you have a dead one you can use it to contaminate the burrows. If you feel squeamish handling it. Just pierce it with a pitch fork and rub the carcus round the runs and entrances.Well remember them committing suicide in the early 1950s by running under the tractor wheels at harvest time. CF.

Mrs H said...

If this works I will try it. They drive me crazy in the veg patch check out

Mrs H said...

"A baby rabbit

With eyes full of pus

Is the wonder of scientific


Spine Milligan

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