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Friday, September 04, 2009


So the bank holiday (BMSC) has been and gone. I was in the mix up until the Monday, when I knew I needed to win at least 4 and probably all 5 of the games. The day started well when I got my revenge over Russell, who had done a complete wipeout of me on day 1. And then it went pear-shaped. I think I played well against Mark until I was forced to try a couple of phonies at the end to try to win. Similarly against Ed holding MATELOT he bingoed to empty the bag, killing my bingo with a P. Against Phil I played an outrageous phony near the start, making a hybrid word between FATSIAS and WOODSIA so maybe he deserved to escape when he played (T)ECTA setting up the L hook and emptying the bag. Unfortunately for me I had left the last S and blank in there, and my LAIRIER didn't fit. I at least got some compensation in the last game, beating Paul Gallen for the first time. Of the likely racks that I checked I only missed one bingo that described me perfectly for doing so - BCEEIM? with a floating L...

A disappointing 8th place, tourney rating 194.

A break now from tourneys until the Home International in October. Cardbox under control. I have started working on 6s, starting with blockers that are not hooks of 5s. Also still trying to get my 4s rock solid. Lots of word list recall quizzes and a beautiful colour coded spreadsheet to chart progress and identify my dodgier areas. Especially for Dweeb, I now have the ?Y?E and hooks perfected :)

On other matters my car has been fixed and was delivered home last Friday. Hurrah!

Managed a couple of hours digging/stone clearing on the fruit-bed-to-be on Wednesday with some help from Penny. Looks like an enforced break now for a few days with gales and rain. Luckily the river hasn't made it to the road but is very visible (and audible) from our sunroom. The bulbs I ordered from J Parker arrived mid-week, so thats another job needing attention - only about 300 to plant including Reg's daffodils I dug up for relocation...

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