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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Veggie Patch Up and Running

Paul finished spreading out the topsoil on the veggie patch whilst I was working on filling the raised planters. There was a little left over from the first pile that has been continued down for the lawn-to-be.

On Tuesday I went over to Jean's with Penny. Unfortunately the spare seed potatoes she had said I could have had unbeknownst to her been crushed by William. However, there were a few lying about that we collected. We then called in on my friendly topsoil provider to say thanks and I dropped off a couple of jars of jam. Then on to buy some seed potatoes.

Yesterday I started planting them. Four rows done when Penny arrived to help. We switched back to soil sifting. I got another row planted when Penny went. Out earlyish this morning and I got the rest in - as recommended the whole plot has been planted. It doesn't look much different but the wooden stakes mark the rows - seven and a bit and 90+ seed potatoes...

Penny came back over today and we finished loading the third planter. I have already planted some lettuces in the first one.

The herb patch to be has also been filled in, although I may add another barrow load as it has settled a little. It does make the path there look very crisp though.

And I still have quite a lot of topsoil left to make a start on the fruit tree bed once I have finished digging it over.

Oh - and I also hit my cardbox target of the top 18000 7s and 8s this evening - a bit later than my earlier gung ho prediction but still ahead of the defence of my Scottish Open...

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Henry Yeo said...

still pottering around at 16k. just you wait.

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