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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Extension Part 38

The saga is drawing to a close.

The utility room is completed. Boiler in, sink unit in, wall unit in, laundry pulley fitted. Alan (joiner) here last Thursday/Friday putting in the window vents that our architect had noticed were missing from here and two of the windows in the sunroom.

Outside tap up and running cold water - already proving invaluable.

My only quibble is a couple of places at the bottom of the outside wall either side of the door that are not rendered...

All the outside lights are fitted and working.

The security light outside the utility room is very effective in illuminating the garden down to the gates.

The outside doors have now been completed with sills etc.

The roofers are due back sometime to fix a few leaks we have noticed in the guttering.

The sunroom is also almost finished. The only 'majorish' thing still needing to be done is the glazing of one half of the door between it and our lounge. We have been told that should be happening on Tuesday. And then we can have the grand removal of the plasterboard and reclaim the back of our sitting room...which will probably need redecorating because of the new doors...

We have started looking at tiles and getting quotes from tilers in earnest now. The whole of Friday was spent driving around Berwick and Berwickshire. I am also going to send off for some samples from the internet. I expect we will end up choosing the one we liked when we first started looking months ago...

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Henry Yeo said...

See You in Penang...
not that I am much of a threat after that 6 game losing streak in Singapore.

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