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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Extension Part 13

While I was away the grey-water drain was dug. I was warned to be careful walking up the path on Monday night...

The piping was then laid on gravel and Craig from building controls came round on Tuesday to check the joints were air tight.

Today the trench has been refilled, so we now have a soil path through the lawn above the pipes.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing with my Geoff Hamilton 3D Garden Designer coming up with something that fits in with the requirements of lowering the ground level at the back of the house but raising it up at the wall at the back. So, steps at the corner of the house/wall to a large raised vegetable patch with a retaining wall, with a small bed in front of it. Another raised bed along the side wall between us and Margarets, which also does not have very deep foundations. A little more fiddling today when I realised I had not got the sunroom in quite the right position. Alan was quite impressed when I handed over the plan at lunchtime.

This morning the sunroom has been filled with cement, which was then 'polished' this afternoon.

Mark will be back tomorrow to lay another couple of layers of bricks and then the joiners will take over.

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