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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Extension Part 12

Due to popular demand - well, one comment on my last posting here is the latest on the extension.

There was a rain delay on getting the steel frame completed - apparently welding in torrential rain is not a good idea. They were back once the weather improved. One day with lots of measuring and adjustments of the uprights to ensure they were exactly the correct/same height, and then the cross-bars were completed the following day.

Alan was on holiday most of last week, but Mark was here starting on the brick work of the sun room, building it up to what will be floor level.

Coming soon...
The drains should be dug.
The joiner should be coming.

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Anonymous said...

It is not a good idea to weld in the rain especially structural welders as their ability is usually suspect to start with compared to pressure vessel welders. Main problem would be porosity. C.

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