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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

WSC Day 3

Game 17: Wellington Jighere - Nig
I had made it to table 1, not from my own performance but as I was drawn to play Wellington. This meant the extra pressure of having the game annotated and on the WSC website for all to see, so I won't go into great detail here.
I missed a bonus (WEALSMAN) when Wellington blocked (S)ALESMAN. I also completely overlooked hooking BOT with the A when I played CRAP. I was very pleased to see the blank go down when Wellington bonused with (R)EFINErY as I was holding the other one and felt I still had a good chance in the game. (I)ODAtING two moves later to retake a 46 point lead was enough to get me across the line.
W: 465-418

Game 18: Nigel Richards - NZ
My reward for winning was to stay on table one to play Nigel. This game is also annotated on the WSC website. I had a dream start when Nigel gave me an E for FaVORIT(E). I again missed a bonus, MU(S)CADEL, playing MU(S)CLED instead. A couple of other sub-optimum moves, but I still felt I had a chance until Nigel bonused with AgATIZE...
L: 415-518

Game 19: Tim Adamson - USA
Tim bonused on his first move with A(R)UGULAS and I exchanged 6 tiles, catching him back up the following move with S(U)NSHAdE. The game was pretty close until Tim bonused again on move 9 with COvETIN(G). I was forced to make a low scoring opening. Tim only part blocked it, but DONSIER was not enough for me to win.
L: 405-425

Game 20: Patrick Litunya - Ken
I was really struggling at the start of this game with an excess of vowels, playing off AGA, FIE and DAE. Patrick bonused on move 3 with SODAINE followed by ZO two moves later for 63. I got back on move 7 with tENEBRI(O), and took the lead the following move with OXEN, keeping it for the next three turns. Then Patrick bonused with MALTASE - game over.
L: 370-485

Game 21; David Eldar - Aus
As much as I was liking the Canadians in this tournament I was beginning to hate the Australians. I was never in this game. David got a hat-trick against me on moves 3,4 and 5. I tried a hook I was fairly sure was not allowed as I needed the points - David held for a while before challenging. Off it came. I then opted to play the bonus to open up a 9-x, and David had choices holding both the blanks...
L: 344-577

Game 22: Wajid Iqbal - Pak
I was never under any pressure in this game. I was starting and changed tiles. I bonused on move 4 with MEANeST, and changed five tiles again on move 5. This policy seemed to be working - (N)EMPT balanced a consonant heavy rack. Wajid opened the triple with JA(T)O, I opened another with KiNGLES on move 7. Wajid played a phony (CRA(K)Y) that I challenged off. An easy 51 with the X for me. Wajid took the J triple, and I took the K triple. I was 150 up and kept the margin through to the end.
W: 444-293

Game 23: Siu Hean Cheah - Sgp
Cheah appeared to be vowel heavy, opening with UNAI. I had the opposite problem and dumped W(I)Z. OXO from Cheah, and FRUG from me. I bonused on move 3 with UNDRAPE. Cheah hit straight back with OVENBiR(D) to retake the lead, but I had picked sHETL(A)ND from the bag. I took a while looking for the 9-x - having checked the only other bonus is HUNTEDLY which I didn't know and it didn't fit anyway. Cheah bonused again on move 7 with NITRIDE but was still behind, and I scored well on the triple with ARTSY. Cheah took the other one with KAYO. I dumped EUOI and had a kind pickup for TANGIES the following move. I now just had to not do anything stupid to win.
W: 462-398

Game 24: Howard Warner - NZ
Howard started with BOWER, and my opening rack of NETLIKE was playable. Howard levelled the scores at 144 each on move 5 with the great spot of (DI)SSIpATE on a tight board. AX from me. Howard then tried to block any high scoring plays from me hooking AX onto the double with FOOD, which set up YUCH from a grotty rack for 64! (T)UNNAGES on move 9 from me sealed the game, and playing out with RObINIA just rubbed salt into the wounds.
W: 481-340

After the first game of the day my hopes were high, but after losing the next 4 I suppose I have to be happy to have stopped the rot and finished the day all square. 14.5-9.5 for the tourney and 15th place.

I went over to congratulate Suanne Ong as being the top female finisher, on 15 wins. She very sweetly said that I was still the top woman, she was the top girl :)

Nigel and Ganesh had made it through to the final the following day.

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