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Monday, December 03, 2007

WSC Day 2

Game 9: Andrew Fisher - Aus
Andrew bonused first on move 3 with a low scoring ENDE(M)IAL but I hit back on move 4 with DRACENA. I picked a blank, but was very consonant heavy. Andrew hit me on successive moves with (D)EMISInG (89), BW(A)ZI (40), PA(G)ANISE and STOOKIE (81), while I was still struggling with an excess of consonants. I eventually got NoCTULE but it was too little too late. My last rack of THREAVE had nowhere to go - I correctly did not try STOOKIER.
L: 392-496

Game 10: Terry Kirk - Eng
This was my only game against a fellow Brit.
I started with WILCO and my replacement tiles were not good, so changed 5 on move 2. In the meanwhile Terry had played JAG and LEZ. BEDA(Z)E to still be behind, but I drew an S and blank. CARAT from terry, and I spent a long time trying to find a bonus to slot underneath, eventually giving up and playing TENuI(O)US. Apparently Terry missed a bonus here - having spotted the possibility and then as I had taken so long forgetting about it when I gave him the floater he needed. He played WEIGH instead, but was still slightly ahead at this point. A consonant heavy pickup from me was cleared with (C)ADGY resulting in (A)NDROIDS the following move and some breathing space. RoUTEM(E)N 3 moves later secured a healthy win.
W: 429-296

Game 11: David Boys - Can
I started with an AUA dump, giving David a U for his Q. This, however, gave me 67 points for OXHEAD. GLITC(H) from David allowed a neat slot of FA(C)E for 30 from a vowel heavy rack. David was obviously suffering the other way, playing D(A)MP. AZIONE reply for 52 and a bonus sized lead. We then both changed tiles. David obviously didn't fare well and changed again. JE(E) from me, and david bonused with ENTR(I)SMS. I then got away with a phony - misremembered SCIRRHI, but David didn't even hold. It could have been so different - the scores would have been neck-and-neck if it had come off the board. AVErSION two moves later from me killed the game.
W: 445-317

Game 12: Sherwin Rodriguies - Ind
Sherwin started with DAMN, allowing me to dump the Q. (N)EXT blocked my SEAWEED, but I bonused the following move with FADIEST, and extended the lead over the next couple of turns with JUR(A)T (40) and THA(C)K (30). Sherwin bonused on move 6 with DELIRIA and briefly took the lead by one point with OIU(JA) before I bonused again with BoNUSES :) Sherwin came back at me with FAME (40) and GRAVERs (77) to take the lead, but I could respond with COZIE (66+5) with tiles running out.
W: 425-397

Game 13: Marty Gabriel - USA
Marty was a little late arriving but the clock had not been started.
This was a flowing game for me. ERRANTS (68) on move 3, picking PERJU(R)eD for 118. SALtINE from Marty on move 7 was not enough to counter my scoring onslaught of WATER (40), COIF (34+5), HUMAN (37), NAVY (41), B(Y)LINE (33), XI (52) and HAIRY (54).
W: 536-329

Game 14: Jason Katz-Brown - USA
Neither of us started well. I had been opening the game and had to exchange tiles. The scores remained close, the lead switching between us but after 8 moves apiece we were back to level at 180 points each. I then bonused with DRYINGs, getting an extra 5 when Jason challenged. Jason bonused back on move 10 with T(O)PSAILS. Two moves later I got ALG(E)RINE, but was still not secure. Jason dumped a V. With one tile in the bag, and bonuses possible I could still lose, geing only 49 ahead. My rack of BDEMORU looked hopeful but there is nothing there. I finally opted for DUMB to go 80 up, stopping a bonus on the triple - and drew the blank from the bag...
W: 419-341

Game 15: Edward Okulicz - Aus
I got slaughtered in this game. Edward had everything. Strangely enough I hadn't really noticed until he said so at the end. I was pleased with converting AZO to AZON for my G, and being rewarded with OVERING the next move. I was actually 30 points up at this point, extending it to 49 points after HYP. Then Edward bonused with STaRLiT. The problem was I was still in with a chance, albeit slim with Edward moving further ahead with JO(Y)S (44) and BEN(J) (39). I was trying to balance and make an opening. Edward played out with READOUT...
L: 342-511

Game 16: Michael Gongolo - Ken
Michael opened with GUIRO, and with 3 Ss on my rack took a long time before deciding on GASSY. I got (S)WOTTERS as a 4-x the following go for 94. Michael bonused on move 5 with NARDINE to catch me back up. Holding both blanks I spent a while trying for the other 4-x, and was pleased to see GLyCe(R)OL. THEREON two moves later gave me a comfortable margin, and although Michael came back strongly I never felt in any real danger.
W: 479-446

So, end of day 2 with 6-2 for the day, 10.5-5.5 for the tourney and lying in 12th place. There had been a few changes at the top, with the leaders now being Wellington Jighere (Nig) and Nigel Richards (NZ) both on 13-3. I was now the leading Brit after a poor day for Paul Allan.

We had planned a UK team meal in the evening back at the Ming Palace. This was expanded to a European meal when Herve Bohbot (Fra), Anand Buddhdev (Net) and Greger Nassen (Swe) joined us.

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