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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mumbai Preparation

The WSC is rushing towards me now. I am beginning to worry that I haven't got as far with my study as I had hoped, but saying that I have done more than I have for any previous world championships...

I switched to flashcard mode after the CotN tournament, which has increased the volume I have got through but at the cost of repetetive reinforcement. Only what is missed or is new (even if I correctly guessed the answer) goes into the cardbox.

To make it more interesting I have been mixing what I am studying. Ploughing on with eights in probability order - currently done 8250. Awkward letter combination sevens have added a bit more interest - BFPUVW pairs etc. Continuing with sevens in probability order (10250). Also a little work on the high scorers six and sevens. All the fives have been cycling through for a while now but I still struggle on some :(

Having some time off tomorrow for a shopping spree in Edinburgh with Anne - bankrolled by my prize money from CotN :)

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