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Sunday, August 19, 2007

This Little Piggy

I drove Paul to the station on Thursday morning. He was stopping off at his parent's to sort out Alan's new laptop before going on to Brighton the next day for a bridge congress. I collect him back tomorrow lunchtime.

So, four and a half days with just the dogs. Not normally a problem. However, yesterday morning I awoke to a sore toe on my left foot. I have no idea what I have done to it - it looks a little swollen at the joint. This morning it is throbbing and I am really hobbling around. Luckily it is raining again, so I have an excuse to only take them on very short walks.

I have resumed my diet. I was very happy to find that I had not put on any weight in the break, despite eating vary large amounts of chocolate - hopefully enough to remove any cravings over the next few weeks.

The first installment of bulbs arrived on Friday - 45 of the 75 rockery tulips. I weeded and planted up twenty of them in the little bed at the end of the lawn. That bed is now fully bulbed up until the voles discover it...

Yesterday I got out for an hour in the afternoon and weeded the area where I had planted up the lupins. That is now ready for more planting, as is LB6 that I weeded last week and planted four of the hardy fuchsias that I had previously potted on.

Paul has just phoned - his team are apparently in the B final. Sounds like they blew it, as had been leading the main event with 2 rounds to go but they lost both those matches badly. His sympathy for my toe left a little to be desired - more concerned about whether I will be able to pick him up from the station than about whether I will be in a fit state to drive down to Yarnfield on Friday for the BMSC...

The studying is going well.
Cardbox quiz: All 5s, 9750 7s and 4750 8s. Target of 10000/5000 before BMSC well on track...

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