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Friday, August 17, 2007

Penny to the Rescue

My passport runs out in November, so Paul has been bullying me to sort out getting it renewed. I filled the form out on line quite a while ago, and on Wednesday went to the post office to get some passport photos taken.

Today I went back to the post office with the form, photos and current passport. I was going to use the check and send facility which is available from some post offices. However, the lady on the counter said she couldn't do this as I had filled the form in on-line (not quite sure why this makes any difference). So, I bunged everything into the envelope, got it weighed, paid for the postage and handed it over.

I then decided I would call in on Penny, who owns the premises next door. I got shown the interior of the shop which is undergoing refurbishment and then invited up for a quick cup of coffee. She had to go out shortly to meet up with Jean and then go on to Alnwick to pick up a van she had bought.

As we were getting ready to leave Penny was checking she had everything she needed, and mentioned her cheque book. This must have been divine intervention - it was the first time I had called in at Penny's, and if she hadn't needed to be at Jean's by midday or been going to pay for something I would have been completely stuffed.

I almost ran out of the flat and into the post office. Luckily I was still in time - the envelope was still sitting in the tray waiting to be picked up. The lady behind the counter was very helpful and she managed to open the envelope without too much damage, and then when I gave it back with cheque enclosed said she would cellotape it back up for me.


Anonymous said...

Senility is on its way !!

Hels said...

You are probably right. I have so many words being crammed into my brain that other things are being squeezed out to make room...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your brain storage has moved the excess info. to your big toe!!?

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