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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Diet - End of Week 8

Two weeks have passed since my last report. Last week I got on the scales to find no change.

I think its sods law - I had been down a pound on either day of the official weigh-in. Again, I knew I had been sticking to the diet and was more than a little peeved. Still, I was not going to give in. I was very good at Allan's party - no nibbles, no alcohol (was driving anyway) and just had a jacket potato with tuna one side and chilli the other.

Today and bingo, another 2 pounds down.

End of week 8 results:
Lost 2lb, total loss 12lb. BMI = 21.8; 11th percentile

Target has been reached with time to spare. Had actually hoped I was going to smash it, considering how well it went at the start. Still, I think I have lost a good couple of inches+ from my bust, hips and waist. I will now have fun seeing what in my wardrobe now fits...

A couple of weeks off, and then start again. Next goal is to lose another half a stone from where I am now before I go to India, despite Margaret next door keep telling me to stop. I am still above what I would like to be and what I think I should be for someone of my age, height and frame. My problem is that I have a thin face, neck, arms and legs so if I wear baggy T-shirts it is assumed that the rest of me is in proportion, but it is my torso that is the problem :(

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Anonymous said...

So you are now concave!?

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