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Friday, April 06, 2007

Tax Doesn't Have to be Taxing

I like this not working lark.

Paul, being Mr. Keen, has already been working on our tax returns for the last financial year. He was in his element, beavering away on his laptop surrounded by all the paperwork.

So the chancellor owes him money. Hurrah!

And then he started on mine. He had forgotten that having not worked at all last year that my personal allowance would not have been taken into account on my savings interest/tax. We still need my next current account bank statement to complete it, for the tuppence monthly interest I generally get from it.

So the chancellor owes me a lot more than him. Woohoo!

I don't know if Paul will need to revise his estimate as to when we will be in the poor house to take this extra 'income' into account :)

It is also time to start sorting out the next ISA investments to ensure we give Mr. Brown (or whoever) even less next year...


Henry Yeo said...

Amen to that

Anonymous said...

Vote SNP there is unfortunately no alternative in Scotland. The Labour party built us a parliament building at great expense and its maintenence costs will be even higher until its spiraling upkeep costs return it to rubble before this centuary closes. We have had 10 years of plundering funds,lies and deceit.Let us sink or swim rather than remain half drowned.If we look like sinking we will be propped up by the EU as they are set up to save lame ducks.Good luck with your ISAs and tax filling.

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