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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Diary

Easter started well as far as gardening was concerned.

On Good Friday I was out pruning the shrubs in the long bank - mainly cutting out the dead stems and in a couple of cases getting them back into some sort of shape. This is probably not the correct time of year, but they were in dire need.

Saturday was lovely. I decided to have another easyish day, sorting out all my pots. They were still pretty higgledy-piggledy from when we first moved up here. I had asked Paul to help me bring out the remaining large/heavy ones that contained plants from the back of the cowshed a couple of weeks ago and they had just been placed wherever there was a gap in front of the lounge, along with the rest.

It looks as if my acer has survived its neglect - new buds/leaves are now visible.

I had brought a geranium up with me in a large pot (don't know what it is - small dark purple almost black flowers and needs deep shade). The geranium was thriving but the pot did not survive the winter. I completed the demolition job so that I could get the plant out, and then split it into four with a spade. I potted one back up, planted two in the shady raised bed on the far side of the rose bed and planted the last one up the top of the high bank. They all appear to be happy in their new homes.

I planted up two pots with gladioli - I still have 16 bulbs left over... Not bad for 99 pence assuming they grow.

The 'summer' pots have been moved down to the walls of the rose bed. The others have now been rearranged around the front of the lobby and lounge - this actually involved a lot of sitting drinking coffee, move a pot, back to chair/coffee, does it look right, move a pot etc.

On Sunday the wind got up again, and has been gusting at 20+ m.p.h. ever since. It is supposed to die down tomorrow. Other than sorting out my seed trays - throwing out the ones that are split and cleaning up the remainder - I have been forced to have a break. At least I have got some more work done on the new Collins words - re-creating my 6+1 and 7+1 stems spreadsheets which also gives me a revision run through at the same time.

This morning I decided to have an exciting trip into Duns. I had some chores to do - pay a cheque into the bank, go to the bottle bank, get a birthday card and pay my MOT garage bill. I do love the way that the garage hands over the car keys and posts the invoice a week later.

As is becoming quite a common occurrence my car battery was flat again - the best thing we have invested in is a portable power pack from Halfords. As it was a lovely sunny albeit windy morning I gave the car a bit of a run about before heading back to Duns. It really needs a long trip somewhere...

Pearsons had put a flyer through the door for a special offer on multi-purpose compost - I had run out so thought it was worth checking if they still had some. They did, and whilst there I just had to look at the plants. There are occasionally some small cheap plants if you search and today was no exception. I got the compost, three meconopsis (blue poppies) and an anemone blanda...


Anonymous said...

What are you doing with all the scrap batteries that I suspect are only in a discharged state? C.

Hels said...

I have only had one scrap battery that was basically old and past it (still the original battery from when I bought the car new) when it was failing to hold any charge. My RAC man took it away when he fitted the new one. The portable power pack is to jump start the car - the problem is that I do so few miles that the battery rarely gets fully charged up again and is why I went for an extra 15 miles drive in the countryside before heading back to Duns...

Anonymous said...

Not in the least surprised that the RAC man removed the evidence.Probably acting on training manual instructions.(Not for the good of the environment) For a while they were known as Torchy(The battery boy)as they were on bonus to sell them whether by hook or by crook they had to meet targets or they were in trouble at their HQ . I seem to remember that an RAC man in the Carlisle area was the best con man and those failing to make respectable sales were sent to him for corrective training.They were not all motivated to sell to the level prescribed by the faceless ones at the top and many I have been advised resisted the temptation of a sizeable bonus even if it was causing them agro.In your case the first battery was in all probability a dud due to age mentioned. C.

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