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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conquering The High Bank

Over the last three afternoons I have cleared most of the moss and weeds from the lower sections of the high bank, and have begun scaling the heights.

It was so lovely on Monday evening that I wandered out with a cup of coffee and moved one of the garden chairs into the middle of the lawn so that I could survey my work. I always have robins following me about as I work, seeing what easy meals I have made available. This one posed for me...

<-Before After->

I obviously didn't do a very good job of nettle clearance last autumn behind the honeysuckle and to the right - but there are nowhere near as many this time round. Today I lugged the fork up with me... This time I am working from bottom to top unlike last year, when there was no route up, so it is slightly easier to dig and pull the nettle roots out of the claggy clay soil.

I reckon another three days should see the job finished, but the rain cometh...

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