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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Middle Age

According to Paul's financial plan for the rest of our lives I became middle-aged today.
Strange, but I don't feel any different to yesterday.

For once Paul picked up on a hint. Maybe hint is not strong enough a description. "Ooooh. A Matter Of Life and Death is now available on DVD" seemed to do the trick.

I haven't been blogging lately for several reasons.
1) Weather has been quite good so I have been clearing the long bank again ready for bulb planting. Still got a couple of metres at the house end to complete, but it is looking quite good again. Got a lot of very cheap bulbs from Aldi last week, and am also expecting the ones I sent away for from Avon bulbs to arrive today or tomorrow.
2) New anagram quiz program download, anahack, from
3) Still jam making - went brambling again yesterday. Probably last chance this year as they are starting to go over now - saw a good quote on a recipe site "The devil pisses on them at the end of September" . Managed to get about 4 pounds.
4) Been addicted to stumbling:
5) From stumbling discovered
I know I am probably years behind the rest of you, but hey, I never had the time before...

Gonna go now and enjoy the rest of my birthday, eating cookies, chocolate and going out for a meal tonight :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday cuz. Don't be going out for too many meals as you will now have to watch out for middle age spread.

Henry Yeo said...

happy birthday to you too

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