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Friday, September 01, 2006

Bangalore here I come and other scrabble stuff

I have booked my flights for the 3rd international iGate tournament in Bangalore 12-14th January next year -

My friend Radhika has said she will help me sort out accommodation for the trip. I am planning to make a short holiday around the tourney to allow me to actually get to see something of Bangalore other than the scrabble venue. I am really looking forward to it already.

My performance at the BMSC rated at 195, keeping my actual rating at 193. This currently gives me the 2nd qualifying place for Scotland.

Allan Simmons (another top player in Scotland) and I started a best of 25 match earlier this year, with a bottle of wine the prize for the winner. We have had quite a large break since starting the match due to Allan's work and family commitments. Match is resuming today with me 5-1 ahead.

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