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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Joys of Plant Shopping

Well, the weather still hasn't really improved for me to do much in the garden. Managed to fit in 6 hours on Wednesday, but even then was finishing off in the rain.

One of the problems of living here is that I rarely want/need to go anywhere else. My car battery was completely dead for the second time since we moved up here and on Tuesday I eventually got around to calling out the RAC. My friendly local RAC man, Neil, came and got me going again, advising me that I should keep the engine running for half an hour and then take it out for a spin.

Where to go? I know - I will find Edrom nursery, that is not at Edrom but at Coldingham...

This is a small garden nursery specialising in alpine and woodland plants. There were some amazingly expensive rare plants there, but also a lot of very reasonably priced and a few bargains to be had. I must have spent over an hour meandering and perusing the delicacies on offer and making my choices: 2 dwarf rhododendrons (pink), 2 azaleas (white+mauve), 1 epimedium (pink) (is the propagation of these known as striking a happy medium?) , 1 corydalis (blue), 1 terella (pink), 1 anemone (white) and 1 viola (white). Total: 26.50

I broke my trowel last week trying to get out a particularly stubborn area of ground elder. The metal actually split. So I needed another one. I also needed some loppers. And a new soil pH meter. I had suspected my old one was lying to me so I decided to test it in some vinegar. Neutral. Kaput. Off I went to the local DIY/garden centre, Pearsons, in Duns. Well, as I was there I might as well look at the plants: 3 gentians (blue) , 2 ajugas (blue) and 1 lithodora (blue): Total 9.70

We are getting into the season of the village plant fairs. These are listed in the local newspaper 'Whats On' section - I have them all ringed. It was Paxton last night. A friend and neighbour, Anne, had phoned earlier in the day to say she was going and I was welcome to go with them if Paul didn't want to go. So at around 7 pm Anne, her daughter Jenny and I set off for Paxton village hall. Luckily we arrived a few minutes early as there was already a queue to get in. The doors opened at 7.30 and we all rushed in. Along one side of the hall were trestle tables covered in home-made cakes and along the other side plants potted up from peoples gardens and trays of bedding plants that presumably had grown specifically for the fair. Within about 20 minutes almost all the plants had been sold. I don't know what Anne and Jenny bought, but I know they had filled the car boot. We repaired to the local pub before setting off for home.
1 tray x 12 lobelia (blue), 1 Japanese anemone (white) , 1 astrantia (white), 1 rosemary (blue), 1 bag variegated grass - possibly spartina: Total 3.00!

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Henry Yeo said...

nice description of the faulty pH meter.

are you planting those in the back graden or the slope in front of your house?

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