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Monday, May 29, 2006

Dog Walks 1

I thought I would show you some of the walks that we take the dogs on. We have 3 main routes from our house which I will cover later. We also take them to the park in Duns, trying to get them used to other dogs. However, we found that frequently there were no other dogs in the park at the times we went, just dog smells. Our friend Anne suggested trying the grounds at Duns castle - a popular dog-walking spot.

So we packed them into the car and set off one cold bright day in early March. She hadn't warned us about the ducks... They came charging at us assuming we were going to feed them. Poncho was doing somersaults in excitement. Luckily they beat a hasty retreat.

The lake was part-frozen. We went back the next day with my camera...

The good thing about this walk is that dogs should be kept on the lead, and most owners obey this rule. I am not sure if it is just jealousy, but seeing other dogs running around drives Poncho crazy - although he is getting a lot better now. Even Jen whines and gets upset, wanting to join in.
We have had a few 'incidents' in here. On one occasion I was waiting with Poncho near the entrance for Paul to return with Jen from the 'poop-bin' when a man came in with two small dogs. Poncho edged up the bank away from them pulling me up with him. The next thing I know Poncho is leaping off the bank at the dogs and I am lying flat on my back on the road, still clinging to his lead. Luckily I was well padded with thick shirt, jumper and ski jacket, and escaped with a few bruises and great embarassment.

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Henry Yeo said...

at least he wasn't dragging you along the road

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