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Friday, June 20, 2014

Scratching My Head

After yesterday's post I have filled all my testing places! I put an appeal in the Budding Designers group - not sure whether that was what drummed up responses. Anyway, yesterday evening within an hour of the first new response I had 4 more testers on board :)

And now to the sock...
I got as far as turning the heel last night and have completed the gusset decreases this morning. This is a good point to measure how much of each contrast colour I had used so far to determine how much the stripes on the back of the sock will need.
They should all measure the same within reason - they have all done the same number/placement of stitches. I had started with equal lengths... But no!
Okay, one was thicker than the other two so possibly would have used slightly more. This strand had used the least (91 inches). The other two strands were the same brand (98 inches and 107 inches). A variation of 16 inches from least to most!

I have cut the strands for the back of the leg based on the worst case scenario. I may have had a complete mental aberration on step 1...

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