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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Win Some, Lose Some, Win Some More

Time to catch up on my scrabble exploits.

February was Vienna. Nigel was there... I came second...
April was Marbella. Nigel was there... I came nowhere...
May was Malta. Nigel wasn't there... I won both the European Open and the Malta Open... Woohoo :)

June and back to domestic scrabble.

The Scottish NSC heat was on the 1st, and I abandoned Paul, visitors and guests to the annual Jim Clark Rally barbecue. I was under pressure to qualify. And after Melanie got a nine-timer against me in game 1 (MOp(H)EADS)  and followed it with 2 more bonuses I was lying last after the first round. Another loss in round 5 against Ross and the pressure was really on. And then I had to play Lukeman who was also struggling. A tense game that I scraped home by 2 points. 4-2, but my spread was poor so I needed to win the last game against Allan, who was undefeated. Luckily it flowed for me, and despite Allan having both the blanks I won by 170 to secure my qualification for the semis.

And then on the 5th I played my BEST 2nd round match against Allan. (I had a bye in the first round). It could have been so different. I lost the first game which was close - notable by the fact that the last 5 tiles I picked (3 and then 2) were all Es! In game 2 Allan played the phony DOILEYS on move 2. I challenged it off and then ensured the correct spelling was unplayable with a strategic AZO. A bonus of CIG(A)RETS and I was off and running. Allan got AUDILES down after dumping YO but I romped home. And continued to romp in the next 3 games. Allan conceded the fifth game after playing another phony when 150 points behind.

Next weekend is the Scottish Open, and then on the 18th I play my 3rd round BEST match against Ross. And I fly out to Bangkok on the 26th for more foreign adventures in Penang and the King's Cup.

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