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Monday, February 14, 2011

Win Some, Win Some More

Where to start?

Berwick A played and won their third match of the season, leaping from the bottom of the second division league into fifth place with games in hand.

Ebay... Well, I have now bought :

400g grey aran (£4.40) that turned out to be fawn. I didn't mind but seller seemed a little upset when I down marked her on lot description in the feedback!
1230g assorted yarns (£10.11) - a good mix of colours, plies and textures
570g chunky/aran (£11.20) - five different colours
350g 4ply/dk mixed greens (£5.55) - included some chenille and a fancy silky yarn
300g+ mohair mix (£7.25) - pale green and a pretty pink
500g+ eyelash/feather fancy yarns (£7.20) - pinks, mauves, blues and blacks
610g small balls (£9.50) - 60 different colours
500g grey 30% wool aran (£17.55) - this was the colour on the photo!

I have started using some of it - doing one of the patterns from the Odd-Ball knitting book.

11 piece set of 60cm stainless steel circular needles (£7.00)
15 piece set of 80cm bamboo circular needles (£6.50)

I am particularly pleased with the bamboo needles having not won the previous 3 sets I bid on which were going for £8.00+. Patience paid off.

I am having great fun on ebay. The cut-and-thrust of competetive knitters. Watching the last few minutes of what you have bid on counting down. Watching the last few minutes of what you are 'watching' when there is a bidding war going on. One batch of wool leapt from £10 to £26.00 in the last two minutes...

Also I am quite interested in the fact that people overbid, obviously not researching what they are bidding on. There was one lot that I was watching that you can buy on Amazon for under £27.00 but has just sold at £31.00! I have two more lots I am currently winning on that end this afternoon and I have done my homework. Maximum bids at cheapest price found - n%, n varying depending upon how much I want it. Fingers crossed...

Finally, scrabble.

I had never done well in the Scottish Masters despite being the top seed every time I have played in it. Well, this year I lived up to my seeding. 9 wins out of 12. 12 blanks out of 24. The three games I lost were all blank-less, against Neil, Simon and finally Allan in the king-of-the-hill round when I was a game ahead and he needed to beat me by about 500 to overtake me. I had beaten Allan in the round-robin earlier in the day when he also had both the blanks.

Some nice bonuses played:
ORIGaMI, PINWEED and NONBaS(I)C against Ross
sHOWTI(M)E and PANDITS against Ricky
IN(U)NDATE and ELONGAT(E) against Stu
PALELIN(G) against Neil
POTIONs, INUNDAT(E) (again) and SCURVIES against Kate
(R)EASONER and SHERbE(R)T against Ray
PAIGLEs and OGREISM against Alan
INHERIT against Allan
zilch against Simon
Two more against Allan but can't remember what...

And another stupendous sperm count of +1221...

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